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  • March-4-2019
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Custom Synthesis: A Way Forward

Custom Chemical Synthesis provides the most comprehensive range of new & innovative products, and enables exploration oftechnologies for chemical research. It helps in specialized delivery of required quantity of chemical substances with superior quality and within agreed delivery timelines. With systematic product development methodology and proven delivery capabilities, complex chemical synthesis projects can be handled which require fast turnaround times with succinctly communicated results.

Partnering for custom synthesis gives an efficient, cost-effective means of ensuring the smooth and timely passage of new drug compounds through the pipeline. Specialized partners have rich experience of satisfying the organic synthesis requirements of drug discovery companies and research institutions.

Chemical synthesis is an essential part of drug development. Some leading players offer a full range of custom chemical synthesis and manufacturing services to the life science and chemical industries. Custom Chemical Synthesis capabilities are further enhanced by single site offerings from Process Development to Scale Up and Manufacturing, enabling to offer flexible solutions to meet requirements.

A stringent and rigorous process to develop a robust and scalable process for custom synthesis targets helps in producing a high quality end-product.

The most common optimized steps are as follows:

Initiation (defining the project)

Literature | IPM Inputs | Route Finalization | Costing | Quotation | Project Charter

Feasibility Study (researching the topic)

Raw Material Procurement | Feasibility | Method Development | Sample to Customer | Go / No Go

Lab Optimization (designing the process)

Process Optimization | Lab Consistency Batches | Analytical Method Development & Validation | Technology Transfer | Scale Up

Demo Batches (developing the product)

Commercial Raw Material | Demo/ Experimental Batches | Vendor Qualification

Production (implementation)

Pilot/ Commercial Manufacturing

Key Benefits

  • Process Research, Development, and Optimization: Research and development of synthetic pathways for the production of even the most complex molecules and multi-step synthesis pathways
  • Synthetic Route Design and Optimization: Full literature searches, ensuring that the synthetic route created is the most efficient and optimized route possible
  • Small- and Large-Scale Chemistry Capabilities: Custom synthesis in quantities ranging from milligrams to multi-kilogram orders, helping bring projects from idea to production
  • Advanced Synthetic and Analytical Platform: Well-equipped facilities and chemists working with full access to scientific literature and the reaction databases, handling complex distillation, purification, and scale-up protocols
  • Expert Project Management: Up-to-date progress of custom synthesis projects at every step, with weekly project updates as the order moves toward completion
  • Cost-Effectiveness and High Efficiency: Reduced number of steps to lower costs and increase the efficiency, yield, and throughput of the process

Major Areas

  • Complex Chiral Synthesis
  • Heterocyclic Chemistry
  • Carbohydrate Chemistry
  • Small Molecules and Intermediates
  • Building Blocks
  • Multi-step Synthesis
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