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Impurities in pharmaceutical products are the unwanted chemicals that remain with the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), or develop during formulation, or upon aging of both API and to medicines. The presence of these impurities even in trace amounts may influence the efficacy and safety of the pharmaceutical products. Identification and quantification of impurities (Impurity Profile) is now becoming important critical product quality parameter and getting critical review from regulatory authorities. Because of this, limit and threshold values for impurities are specified by pharmacopoeias and ICH guidelines. Analysis of impurities according to this set of specifications is mandatory for the pharmaceutical product release for the human consumption. Impurity Profile study is also very important for market approval for finished dosage forms from regulatory authorities.

The identification and quantification of impurity in the pharmaceutical product is carried by using Certified Impurity Standards of known purity. It is recommended to use Impurity Standard having purity at least 90% when used for peak identification in the chromatogram or use in the system suitability test for resolution and minimum 95% when used to estimate the content of a specified impurity.

Oceanic Pharmachem offers a wide range of high purity Impurity Standards for the pharmaceutical industries on the milligram to kilogram scale at competitive price. Oceanic Pharmachem has a technical capability to Synthesize, isolate and purify the Impurity Standards to their purest form. Oceanic Pharmachem can offer the Impurity Standards from mg to gm scale.

Oceanic Pharmachem offers custom synthesis mg to gm level of impurity compounds on requests. In case of non-standard Impurity Standard additional study for Structure Elucidation, Characterization, Analytical Method Validation are also undertaken using state – of – the – art equipment like; LC-MS, HPLC, H and C NMR, FT-IR and elemental analysis (CHNS), etc.

All Oceanic Pharmachem products are supplied with certificates of analysis (CoA). Standard certificates contain: 
1. Identification by 1H-NMR and Mass spectroscopy.
2. Purity test by either HPLC or GC.
3. Other test like C NMR, TGA, C NMR, CHN, IR will be provide on request.

Shipping and Transportation:
Oceanic Pharmachem understands the needs of industry. Our standards are shipped with a Certificate of Analysis, MSDS and all the required documentation to ensure a smooth clearance. We transport the standards in a manner that protects the integrity and efficacy of the product.


Products listed herein are for Research and Development and/or for experimental use and not for commercialization. Sale of the products is limited to those exempted under Section 107A(a) of the Patents Act, 1970 in India, under 35 U.S. Code § 271(e)(1) in USA and under EC Directives 2001/82/EC (as amended by Directive 2004/28/EC) and 2001/83/EC (as amended by Directives 2002/98/EC, 2003/63/EC, 2004/24/EC and 2004/27/EC) in European Union and such similar statutes as may be in force / applicable in various other territories/countries.

Product List

API NamePharmacopial statusName of the Impurity
Abiraterone In-house DHPG Acetate
Abiraterone In-house DHPG Oxime Acetate
Abiraterone In-house Hydrazine Impurity
Acetamide In-house 2-Chloro-N-(2,6-dimethylphenyl)
Acetophenone In-house 4-Ethoxy Acetophenone
Acetyl Cysteine EP Impurity A
Acetyl Cysteine EP Impurity B
Acetyl Cysteine EP Impurity C
Acetyl Cysteine EP Impurity D
Aciclovir EP Impurity A
Aciclovir EP Impurity B
Aciclovir EP Impurity C
Aciclovir EP Impurity D
Aciclovir EP Impurity E
Aciclovir EP Impurity F
Aciclovir EP Impurity G
Aciclovir EP Impurity H
Albendazole EP Impurity-A
Albendazole EP Impurity-B
Albendazole EP Impurity-C
Albendazole EP Impurity-D
Albendazole EP Impurity-E
Albendazole EP Impurity-F
Albendazole EP Impurity-G(Chlorocarbendazole)
Allopurinol EP Impurity-A
Allopurinol EP Impurity-F
Ambroxol EP Impurity A
Ambroxol EP Impurity B
Ambroxol EP Impurity C
Ambroxol EP Impurity D
Ambroxol EP Impurity E
Amlodipine EP Impurity A
Amlodipine EP Impurity G
Amlodipine EP Impurity-E
Amlodipine USP Related Compound A
Aripiprazole In-house 1-but-3-enyl-4-(2,3-dichlorophenyl)Piperazine
Aripiprazole In-house 7-but-3-enyloxy-3,4-dihydro-1H-quinolin-2-one
Aripiprazole EP Impurity A
Aripiprazole EP Impurity B
Aripiprazole EP Impurity-G
Aspirin EP Impurity A
Aspirin EP Impurity B
Aspirin EP Impurity C
Aspirin EP Impurity D
Aspirin EP Impurity E
Aspirin EP Impurity F
Atenolol EP Impurity-A
Atenolol EP Impurity-B
Atenolol EP Impurity-F
Atenolol EP Impurity-E
Atenolol EP Impurity-G
Atenolol EP Impurity-H
Atenolol EP Impurity-I
Atenolol EP Impurity-J
Atorvastatin EP Impurity-B
Azithromycin In-house Impurity-1
Azithromycin USP Impurity-A
Azithromycin USP Impurity-E
Azithromycin USP/EP Impurity-H
Azithromycin USP Impurity-J
Azithromycin USP Impurity-M
Azithromycin USP Impurity-N
Bendamustine In-house BHT Impurity
Bendamustine In-house Impurity2(Ben-2A)
Bendamustine In-house Impurity3(HP-1 ester)
Bendamustine In-house Impurity4(HP-1)
Bendamustine In-house Impurity5(HP-2)
Bendamustine In-house Impurity6(DCE)
Bendamustine In-house PG1 Ester
Bendamustine In-house PG2 Ester
Bendamustine In-house Impurity 1(Methyl ester)
Benzothiadiazine USP Related Compound -A
Betahistine EP Impurity C
Bicalutamide USP Related Compound-B
Bimatoprost In-house 5,6 trans Impurity
Bimatoprost In-house Acid Impurity
Bimatoprost In-house Cyclohexyl amide Impurity
Bimatoprost EP Impurity -Q
Bimatoprost In-house Recamic
Bimatoprost In-house R-isomer
Bimatoprost In-house TPPO Impurity
Bimatoprost In-house 15-Keto Bimatoprost
Bimatoprost In-house N-Hydroxy Succinimide
Bisoprolol EP Impurity-A
Bisoprolol EP Impurity-B
Bisoprolol EP Impurity-C
Bisoprolol EP Impurity-G
Bisoprolol EP Impurity-L
Bisoprolol EP Impurity-N
Bisoprolol EP Impurity-O
Bisoprolol EP Impurity-S
Bosentan In-house Impurity-5
Brexpiprazole In-House Impurity-20
Bromazepam EP Impurity A
Bromazepam EP Impurity B
Bromazepam EP Impurity C
Bromazepam EP Impurity D
Bromazepam EP Impurity E
Bromfenac In-house Impurity-A
Bromfenac In-house Impurity-B
Bromfenac In-house Impurity-C
Bromfenac In-house Impurity-D
Bupivacaine EP Impurity A
Bupivacaine EP Impurity B
Bupivacaine EP Impurity F
Bupropion In-house Impurity
Bupropion USP Related Compound B
Caffeine EP Impurity B
Caffeine EP Impurity C
Caffeine EP Impurity E
Caffeine EP Impurity F
Caffeine EP Impurity-A
Canagliflozin In-house Enantiomer
Capecitabine USP Related Compound A
Capecitabine USP Related Compound C
Carbamazepine EP Impurity A
Carbamazepine EP Impurity B
Carbamazepine EP Impurity C
Carbamazepine EP Impurity D
Carbamazepine EP Impurity E
Carbamazepine EP Impurity F
Carbamazepine EP Impurity G
Carbidopa In-house Methyl Ester
Carbidopa In-house Ethyl Ester
Carfilzomib In-house N-Oxide
Carisoprodol In-house Impurity (5-Methyl-5-Propyl-1,3-dioxan-2-one.)
Carisoprodol In-house Impurity (N-isopropyl-2-methyl-2-propenyl-1,3-propane diol dicarbamate)
Carvedilol EP Impurity-E
Carvedilol EP Impurity-D
Cefuroxime In-house Axetil Delta-3-Isomer
Cefuroxime EP Sodium Impurity C
Cefuroxime EP Sodium Impurity H
Cephalexin In-house DL-Phenyl Glycine Impurity
Cetirizine EP/USP N-Oxide
Cetirizine In-house PEG Ester
Cetirizine In-house Sorbitol Ester
Cetirizine In-house Glycerol Ester
Cetirizine EP Impurity A
Cetirizine EP Impurity F
Cetirizine EP/USP Meta Isomer
Cetirizine EP/USP Methy Ester
Cetirizine In-house Propylene Glycol Ester
Chlorophenamine EP Impurity-A
Chlorophenamine EP Impurity-C
Chlorthalidone EP Impurity A
Chlorthalidone EP Impurity B
Chlorthalidone EP Impurity C
Chlorthalidone EP Impurity D
Chlorthalidone EP Impurity G
Chlorthalidone EP Impurity H
Ciprofloxacin In-house Chloro Compound
Ciprofloxacin EP Impurity -D
Ciprofloxacin EP Impurity-A
Ciprofloxacin EP Impurity-B
Ciprofloxacin In-house Impurity-C
Ciprofloxacin EP Impurity-E
Ciprofloxacin In-house Formamide
Citalopram In-house Carboxylic acid
Citalopram EP Impurity A
Citalopram EP Impurity B
Citalopram EP Impurity C
Citalopram EP Impurity D
Citalopram EP Impurity F
Citalopram EP Impurity G
Citalopram In-house R-Isomer
Citalopram In-house Des Cyano
Clarithromycin EP Impurity J
Clarithromycin EP Impurity L
Clarithromycin EP Impurity M
Clarithromycin EP Impurity C
Clarithromycin EP Impurity D
Clarithromycin EP Impurity E
Clarithromycin EP Impurity H
Clarithromycin EP Impurity I
Clarithromycin EP Impurity K
Clarithromycin EP Impurity N
Clopidogrel USP Related Compound B
Clotrimazole EP Impurity-A
Clozapine EP Impurity A
Clozapine EP Impurity B
Clozapine EP Impurity C
Clozapine EP Impurity D
Cyclophosphamide USP Related Compound-A
Cyproheptadine USP Related Compound-A
Dacarbazine USP Related Compound-A
- - -
Desloratadine In-house Desloratadine dihydro impurity
Desloratadine EP Impurity C
Desloratadine In-house Desloratadine des chloro Impurity
Desloratidine EP/USP N-Formyl
Dexmedetomidine In-house Ketone Impurity
Dexmedetomidine In-house Olefine Impurity
Diazepam EP Impurity-A
Diazepam EP Impurity-B
Diazepam EP Impurity-C
Diazepam EP Impurity-D
Diazepam EP Impurity-E
Diazepam EP Impurity-F
Diclofenac USP Related Compound A
Diclofenac In-house Potassium
Diclofenac In-house Sodium
Dicyclomine EP Impurity A
Dicyclomine EP Impurity B
Diltiazem EP Impurity F
Dimenhydrinate EP Compound E
Diosmetin In-house 7-O-beta-D-glucoside
Diosmin EP Impurity A
Diosmin EP Impurity B
Diosmin EP Impurity C
Diosmin EP Impurity D
Diosmin EP Impurity E
Diosmin EP Impurity F
Diphenylhydramine USP Compound A
Dipyrimadole EP Impurity C
Dipyrimadole EP Impurity D
Duloxetine In-house Duloxetine Racemic Impurity
Ebastine EP Impurity A
Ebastine EP Impurity B
Ebastine EP Impurity C
Ebastine EP Impurity D
Ebastine EP Impurity E
Ebastine EP Impurity F
Ebastine EP Impurity G
Emtricatabine EP Impurity J
Emtricitabine In-house Enantiomer
Emtricitabine EP/USP Carboxylic Acid
Emtricitabine EP/USP Diastereomer
Emtricitabine In-house S-Oxide
Enalapril EP Impurity A
Enrofloxacin EP Impurity E
Enzalutamide EP Impurity A
Enzalutamide EP Impurity B
Enzalutamide EP Impurity C
Erythromycin EP Impurity D
Erythromycin EP Impurity F
Erythromycin EP Impurity-E
Eslicarbazepine In-house Acetate Impurity
Esmolol In-house N-Ethyl Esmolol
Eszopiclone In-house 2-Amino-5-Chloro pyridine
Eszopiclone In-house 5-Hydroxy-7-oxo impurity
Eszopiclone In-house Desmethyl Impurity
Eszopiclone In-house Dibenzoyl-d-tartaric acid
Eszopiclone In-house N-oxide Impurity
Eszopiclone In-house R-isomer
Etodolac EP Impurity-A
Etodolac EP Impurity-B
Etodolac EP Impurity-C
Etodolac EP Impurity-D
Etodolac EP Impurity-E
Etodolac EP Impurity-F
Etodolac EP Impurity-G
Etodolac EP Impurity-J
Etodolac EP Impurity-K
Etodolac EP Impurity-L
Etomidate In-house Racemate
Etomidate In-house Etomidate Acid
Etomidate EP Impurity-B
Etomidate In-house Propylene Glycol Ester
Ezetimib EP Ketone Impurity
Ezetimib EP RRS Diastereomer
Ezetimib EP SSS Diastereomer
Ezetimib EP Deschloro impurity
Ezetimibe EP M-Chloro Aniline Impurity
Famotidine USP Compound A
Famotidine USP Compound B
Famotidine USP Compound C
Famotidine USP Compound D
Famotidine USP Compound E
Famotidine USP Compound F
Fenofibrate EP Impurity C
Fenofibrate EP Impurity D
Fenofibrate EP Impurity E
Fenofibrate EP Impurity F
Fenofibrate USP/EP Impurity G
Fenofibrate USP/EP Impurity -A
Fenofibrate USP/EP Impurity-B
Fexofenadine USP Related Compound A
Fexofenadine EP Impurity-C
Fluconazole EP Impurity-A
Fluconazole EP Impurity-B
Fluconazole EP Impurity-C
Fluconazole EP Impurity-D
Flumazenil EP Impurity B
Fluoxetine EP Impurity A
Fluoxetine EP Impurity B
Fluoxetine EP Impurity C
Fluoxetine In-house 4-Tri fluoromethyl Phenol Impurity
Fluphenazine EP Di HCl Impurity-B
Fluphenazine EP Di HCl Impurity-C
Fluphenazine EP Di HCl Impurity-D
Fluphenazine EP Impurity-A
Fluvoxamine EP Impurity D
Folic acid USP Related Compound-A
Folic acid EP Impurity B
Furosemide EP Impurity-A
Furosemide EP Impurity-B
Furosemide EP Impurity-C
Furosemide EP Impurity-D
Furosemide EP Impurity-E
Glibenclamide EP Impurity A
Glibenclamide EP Impurity B
Glimipride EP/USP Impurity B
Glimipride EP/USP Impurity C
Glyburide USP Related Compound-A
Guaifenesin EP/USP Impurity A
Guaifenesin EP/USP Impurity B (beta isomer)
Guaifenesin EP/USP Impurity C
Guaifenesin EP/USP Impurity D
Hydrochlorothiazide EP Impurity-C (Dimer)
Hydroxychloroquine EP Impurity-A
Hydroxychloroquine EP Impurity-B
Hydroxychloroquine EP Impurity-D
Hydroxychloroquine EP Impurity-F
Hydroxychloroquine EP Impurity-G
Hydroxychloroquine EP O-Sulfate
Hydroxylamine In-house Hydroxylamine Impurity
Hydroxyzine In-house Ethanol Impurity
Hydroxyzine EP Impurity B
Hydroxyzine In-house Desthoxy Hydroxyzine
Hydroxyzine In-house N-Oxide Imp
Hydroxyzine In-house O-acetyl Imp
Ibuprofen In-House 2-(4-IsoPropylphenyl)propanoic acid
Ibuprofen In-House 2-(4-Propylphenyl)propanoic acid
Ibuprofen In-House 4-(1-Carboxyethyl)benzoic acid
Ibuprofen In-House Impurity(1-(4-Isobutylphenyl)ethanol)
Ibuprofen In-House Impurity(4-Isobutyl Phenol)
Ibuprofen In-House Impurity(4-Isobutyryl acetophenone)
Ibuprofen In-House Impurity(Hydratropic acid)
Ibuprofen EP Impurity O
Ibuprofen EP Impurity-A
Ibuprofen EP Impurity-H
Ibuprofen EP Impurity-I
Ibuprofen EP Impurity-P
Ibuprofen EP Impurity-Q
Ibuprofen EP Impurity-R
Ibuprofen In-House Lysine Salt
Ibuprofen In-House Sorbitol impurity
Ibuprofen EP Imourity- L
Ibuprofen EP Impurity C
Ibuprofen EP Impurity B
Ibuprofen EP Impurity D
Ibuprofen EP Impurity E
Ibuprofen EP Impurity F
Ibuprofen EP Impurity J
Ibuprofen EP Impurity K
Ibuprofen EP Impurity M
Ibuprofen EP Impurity N
Indomethacin USP Related Compound A
Indomethacin USP Related Compound B
Irbesartan In-house 2-Propyl Anlog Impurity
Irbesartan USP Related Compound A
Irbesartan In-house Dimethyl Impurity
Isopropyl In-house Isopropyl Bromide Impurity
Isoproternol EP Impurity A
Ketoprofen EP Impurity A
Ketoprofen EP Impurity D
Ketoprofen EP Impurity C
Ketorolac EP Impurity-C
Ketorolac EP Impurity-D
Ketorolac USP Related Compound A
Ketorolac USP Related Compound B
Ketorolac USP Related Compound C
Ketorolac USP Related Compound D
Latanoprost USP 15 Epi Diastereomer
Latanoprost USP 15 Keto Impurity
Latanoprost USP 5,6-Trans Isomer
Latanoprost USP Acid impurity
Latanoprost In-house Enantiomer
Latanoprost In-house CDPO- Isopropyl Ester Imp
Leflunomide EP Impurity A
Leflunomide EP Impurity B
Leflunomide EP Impurity C
Leflunomide EP Impurity D
Leflunomide EP Impurity E
Leflunomide EP Impurity F
Leflunomide EP Impurity G
Levetiracetam EP Impurity B
Levocetipiperazine EP Impurity-A
Levocetirizine EP Impurity-B
Levocetirizine EP Impurity-C
Levocetirizine EP Impurity-D
Levocetirizine In-house Lactose Ester
Levocetirizine In-house Methyl ester
Levocetirizine In-house PEG Ester
Levodopa EP Impurity-A
Levodopa EP Impurity-D
Levofloxacin In-house Enantiomer
Lisinopril EP Impurity G
Loperamide EP Impurity A
Loperamide EP Impurity B
Loperamide EP Impurity C
Loperamide EP Impurity D
Loperamide EP Impurity G
Loperamide EP Impurity H
Loratadine EP Impurity A
Loratadine EP Impurity B
Loratadine EP Impurity C
Loratadine EP Impurity D
Loratadine EP Impurity F
Loratadine EP Impurity G
Loratadine EP Impurity H
Loratadine In-house Isomer-A
Loratadine In-house N-Oxide impurity
Loratadine USP Related Compound D
Loratadine In-house Dihydro Loratadine
Loratadine In-house N-Acetyl Impurity
Lorazepam EP Impurity A
Lorazepam EP Impurity B
Lorazepam EP Impurity C
Lorazepam EP Impurity E
Lormetazepam EP Impurity A
Lormetazepam EP Impurity B
Lormetazepam EP Impurity C
Losartan In-house 1H-Dimer Impurity
Losartan In-house 2H-Dimer Impurity
Meclizine In-house 1,4-bis(3-methylbenzyl)piperazine impurity
Meclizine USP Related Compound B
Meclizine In-house O-Chloro Isomer
Medetomidine In-house Ethyl
Medetomidine In-house Hydroxy
Medetomidine In-house N-Benzyl
Medetomidine In-house N-Benzyl Hydroxy
Medetomidine In-house N-Benzyl Venyl Analog
Melphalan In-house Enantiomer
Melphalan EP Impurity-C
Melphalan EP Impurity-D
Melphalan EP Impurity-H
Memantine USP Related Compound A
Memantine USP Related Compound B
Memantine USP Related Compound C
Memantine USP Related Compound D
Memantine USP Related Compound E
Memantine In-house Desmethylmemantine
Meprobamate In-house 2-Allyl-2-Methyl-1,3-propanediol
Mesalazine EP Impurity A
Mesalazine EP Impurity B
Mesalazine EP Impurity C
Mesalazine EP Impurity D
Mesalazine EP Impurity E
Mesalazine EP Impurity F
Mesalazine EP Impurity G
Mesalazine EP Impurity H
Mesalazine EP Impurity L
Mesalazine EP Impurity M
Mesalazine EP Impurity N
Metaclopromide In-house ACME Impurity
Metaxalone USP Related Compound A
Metaxalone EP/USP N-Benzyl impurity
Metformin EP Impurity-A
Metformin EP Impurity-C
Metformin EP Impurity-D
Metformin EP Impurity-F
Metformin In-house P-methoxy Acetophenone
Metformin USP Related Compound B
Metolazone EP Impurity-A
Metolazone EP Impurity-B
Metolazone EP Impurity-C
Metolazone EP Impurity-D
Metolazone EP Impurity-E
Metoprolol USP Related Compound B
Metoprolol EP Impurity B
Metoprolol EP Impurity D
Metoprolol EP Impurity E
Metoprolol EP Impurity F
Metoprolol EP Impurity G
Metoprolol EP Impurity H
Metoprolol EP Impurity J
Metoprolol EP Impurity O
Metoprolol EP Impurity A
Metronidazole EP Impurity A
Misoprostol In-house Impurity A form
Misoprostol In-house Impurity B form
Misoprostol In-house Acid impurity
Montelukast EP/USP Acid impurity
Montelukast In-house Dicyclohexylamine
Montelukast EP Impurity F
Montelukast EP Impurity -G
Montelukast EP Impurity-B
Montelukast EP Impurity-C
Montelukast EP Impurity-E
Montelukast In-house Ketone Impurity
Montelukast In-house Methyl Ether Impurity
Montelukast EP/USP S-Isomer
Montelukast EP/USP Sulfone Impurity
Montelukast EP/USP Enantiomer
Mycophenolate In-house Impurity 1
Mycophenolate EP Impurity-D
Mycophenolate EP Impurity-E
Mycophenolate EP Impurity-F
Mycophenolic acid In-house Dihydroxy Analogue
Mycophenolic acid In-house Dimethoxy Analogue
Naphazoline USP/EP Related Compound-A
Naphazoline EP Impurity B
Naproxen In-house Impurity(6-Methoxy-2-(2-Br)-propionyl-Naphthane)
Naproxen EP Impurity-A
Naproxen EP Impurity-E
Naproxen EP Impurity-F
Naproxen EP Impurity-I
Naproxen EP Impurity-J
Naproxen EP Impurity-K
Naproxen EP Impurity-M
Naproxen EP Impurity-N
Naproxen EP Impurity-O
Naproxen In-house PEG Ester Impurity
Naproxen In-house Sorbitan Impurity
Naproxen In-house Sorbitol Impurity
Neostigamine EP Impurity-A
Neostigamine EP Impurity-B
Neostigamine EP Impurity-C
Nintedanib In-house Desmethyl piperazine Impurity
Nintedanib In-house N-methyl aniline Impurity
Nintedanib In-house Methyl 1-acetyl-2-oxoindoline-4-carboxylate Imp-1
Nintedanib In-house Methyl-1-acetyl-2-oxoindoline-5-carboxylate Imp-2
Olanzapine EP Impurity A
Olanzapine EP Impurity B
Olanzapine EP Impurity C
Olanzapine EP Impurity D
Olmesartan EP/USP Acid Impurity
Omeprazole EP Impurity A
Omeprazole EP Impurity B
Omeprazole EP Impurity C
Omeprazole EP Impurity D
Omeprazole EP Impurity E
Omeprazole EP Impurity F&G mixture
Omeprazole EP Impurity H
Omeprazole EP Impurity I
Ondansetron USP Related Compound-A
Ondansetron USP Related Compound-C
Ondansetron USP Related Compound-D
Orlistat USP Related Compound B
Oxazepam EP Impurity-A
Oxazepam EP Impurity-B
Oxazepam EP Impurity-C
Oxcarbazepine In-house Impurity (10-Hydroxy-10,11-Dihydro Dibenz [b,f]azepine-5-Carboxamide)
Oxcarbazepine In-house N-Carbamoyl
Oxymetazoline In-house 4-terbutyl-2,6 dimethyl hydroxy benzyl chloride impurity
Oxymetazoline EP Impurity A
Oxymetazoline EP Impurity B
Oxymetazoline EP Impurity C
Oxymetazoline EP Impurity D
Oxymetazoline EP Impurity E
Oxymetazoline In-house TBXL Impurity
Paracetamol EP Impurity J
Paracetamol EP Impurity K
Paracetamol EP Impurity A
Paracetamol EP Impurity B
Paracetamol EP Impurity C
Paracetamol EP Impurity D
Paracetamol EP Impurity E
Paracetamol EP Impurity F
Paracetamol EP Impurity G
Paracetamol EP Impurity H
Paracetamol EP Impurity I
Pemetrexed Acid In-house Methyl Ester impurity
Phenothiazine In-house Sulfoxide impurity
Phenothiazine In-house Sulfoxide impurity
Phenothiazine In-house Dioxide impurity
Phenylephirine EP Impurity C&E mixture
Phenylephirine EP Impurity-C
Phenylephirine EP Impurity-E
Pindolol EP Impurity D
Pindolol EP Impurity F
Pomalidomide In-house Impurity-1(4-aminoisobenzofuran-1,3-dione )
Pomalidomide In-house Impurity-2(5-amino-2-(4-amino-1,3-dioxo-isoindolin-2-yl)-5-oxo-pentanoic acid )
Pomalidomide In-house Impurity-3(4-amino-2-(2,6-dioxo-3-piperidyl)-5-hydroxy-isoindoline-1,3-dione)
Pomalidomide In-house Impurity-4(5-amino-4-(4-amino-1,3-dioxo-isoindolin-2-yl)-5-oxo-pentanoic acid )
Pomalidomide In-house Impurity-5(2-amino-6-[(2,6-dioxo-3-piperidyl) carbamoyl]benzoic acid)
Pravastatin In-house Ethyl Ester Impurity
Pravastatin EP/USP Impurity-F
Pravastatin In-house Methyl Ester Impurity
Prazepam EP Impurity A
Prazepam EP Impurity B
Prazepam EP Impurity C
Prazosin EP Impurity-B
Prazosin EP Impurity-C
Prazosin EP Impurity-D
Pregabalin EP/USP Enantiomer impurity
Pregabalin EP/USP Lactum Impurity
Propafenone In-house Flavan impurity
Propafenone In-house Flavanone Impurity
Propafenone In-house Flavone Impurity
Propafenone EP Impurity A
Propafenone EP Impurity B
Propafenone EP Impurity C
Propafenone EP Impurity D
Propafenone EP Impurity E
Propafenone EP Impurity F
Propafenone EP Impurity G
Propafenone EP Impurity H
Propafenone In-house Phenol Impurity
Propafenone In-house Despropyl propafenone
Propofol EP Impurity A
Propofol EP Impurity B
Propofol EP Impurity C
Propofol EP Impurity D
Propofol EP Impurity E
Propofol EP Impurity F
Propofol EP Impurity G
Propofol EP Impurity H
Propofol EP Impurity I
Propofol EP Impurity J
Propofol EP Impurity K
Propofol EP Impurity L
Propofol EP Impurity M
Propofol EP Impurity N
Propofol EP Impurity O
Propofol EP Impurity P
Rabeprazole EP Impurity A
Rabeprazole EP Impurity B
Rabeprazole EP Impurity C
Rabeprazole EP Impurity E
Rabeprazole EP Impurity G
Rabeprazole In-house Sulfide impurity
Rabeprazole In-house 4-Methoxy Rabeprazole
Raloxifene BP/EP Impurity C
Ramipril BP/EP Impurity E
Ramipril BP/EP Impurity N
Ranitidine EP/USP Impurity C
Ranitidine EP Impurity E
Ranitidine EP Impurity G
Ranitidine EP Impurity H
Ranitidine EP Impurity-I
Rivastigmine USP Related Compound A
Rivastigmine USP Related Compound B
Ropivacaine USP Related Compound A
Ropivacaine EP Impurity B
Rosuvastatin EP Impurity B
Rosuvastatin EP Impurity G
Rosuvastatin In-house Meglumine Impurity
Salbutamol EP Impurity D
Salbutamol EP Impurity J
Salbutamol EP Impurity M
Salmeterol EP Impurity A
Salmeterol EP Impurity B
Salmeterol EP Impurity C
Salmeterol EP Impurity D
Salmeterol EP Impurity G
Sertraline EP Impurity-C
Simvastatin EP Impurity C
Simvastatin EP Impurity-A( Hydroxy Acid)
Simvastatin EP Impurity-D
Simvastatin EP Impurity-E(Lovastatin)
Sitagliptin In-house 2-Ene Impurity
Sitagliptin In-house 3-Ene Impurity
Sitagliptin In-house Triazecine Analogue
Sucrose In-house Heptasulfate Potassium Salt
Sucrose In-house Octasulfate Potassium Salt
Sulpiride EP Impurity B
Sumatriptan EP Impurity F
Sumatriptan EP Impurity H
Tavaborole In-house Impurity-13
Tavaborole In-house Impurity-14
Telmisartan In-house Chloro Analog
Telmisartan In-house Dimer Acid Impurity
Telmisartan EP Impurity A
Telmisartan EP Impurity C
Telmisartan In-house TMS 1 Impurity
Temozolomide EP/USP Acid Impurity
Temozolomide USP Related Compound A
Temozolomide EP/USP 2-aza hypoxanthine impurity
Temozolomide EP/USP CynoTemozolomide impurity
Tenofovir In-house Disoproxil Ethylester
Tenofovir USP Disoproxil Carbamate
Tenofovir In-house Disoproxil Dimer
Tenofovir EP Impurity K
Tenofovir In-house N-Propyl Impurity
Tenofovir In-house S-Isomer
Tenoxicam EP Impurity A
Tenoxicam EP Impurity C
Tenoxicam EP Impurity D
Tenoxicam EP Impurity E
Terbutaline EP Impurity A
Terbutaline EP Impurity B
Terbutaline EP Impurity D
Tetrabenazine In-house Related Compound 1
Tetrabenazine In-house Related Compound 2
Tetrabenazine In-house Related Compound 3
Tetrabenazine In-house Related Compound 4
Tiaprofenic Acid EP Impurity A
Tiaprofenic Acid EP Impurity B
Tiaprofenic Acid EP Impurity E
Tiaprofenic Acid EP Impurity F
Timolol EP Impurity-K
Tinidazole EP Impurity A
Tinidazole EP Impurity B
Tramadol EP Impurity A
Tramadol EP Impurity E
Tranexamic EP Impurity D
Travoprost USP 15 Epi Diastereomer
Travoprost USP 15 Keto Derivative
Travoprost USP 5,6-Trans Isomer
Travoprost USP Related compound A
Trazadone In-house Hydroxy Propyl Chlorophenyl Piperazine
Trazadone In-house Chlorophenyl Piperazine
Trazadone EP Impurity A
Trazadone EP Impurity B Trazadone EP Impurity C
Trazadone EP Impurity D
Trazadone EP Impurity E
Trazadone EP Impurity F
Trazadone EP Impurity G
Trazadone EP Impurity H
Trazadone In-house Triozolo Impurity
Trazadone In-house 3-Chloro Analine impurity
Ursodeoxycholic acid EP Impurity-I
Ursodiol EP Impurity-E
Valacyclovir EP Impurity D
Valacyclovir EP Impurity H
Valacyclovir EP Impurity C
Valacyclovir EP Impurity J
Valeric acid In-house 2-Methyl
Valproic acid USP Related Compound-A
Valproic acid EP Impurity A
Valproic acid EP Impurity B
Valproic acid EP Impurity C
Valproic acid EP Impurity D
Valproic acid EP Impurity E
Valproic acid EP Impurity F
Valproic acid EP Impurity G
Valproic acid EP Impurity H
Valproic acid EP Impurity I
Valproic acid EP Impurity J
Valproic acid EP Impurity K
Valproic acid In-house 2-Butyl Valericacid Impurity
Valproic acid In-house Nonanoicacid Impurity
Valproicacid sodium In-house 4-Ene Valproicacid sodium salt Impurity
Valpronamide In-house N,N-Dimethyl
Valsartan EP/USP Ethyl Ester
Valsartan USP Related Compound B
Valsartan USP Related Compound C
Valsartan In-house Devaleryl Valsartan
Valsartan EP/USP Enantiomer
Valsartan USP Impurity A
Valsartan In-house VAS-VII imp
Venlafaxine EP Impurity-H
Venlafaxine EP Impurity D
Venlafaxine EP Impurity E
Venlafaxine EP Impurity -G
Venlafaxine EP Impurity-F
Venlafaxine In-house Desmethyl Venlafaxine
Venlafaxine In-house Hydroxy Nitrile Impurity
Venlafaxine EP Impurity-A
Venlafaxine EP Impurity-C
Venlafaxine In-house N,O-Didesmethyl
Warfarin EP Impurity B
Warfarin EP Impurity C
Zafirlukast In-house Impurity-A
Zafirlukast In-house Impurity-B
Zafirlukast In-house Impurity-C
Zafirlukast In-house Impurity-D
Zafirlukast In-house Impurity-E
Zolpidem In-house Acid Impurity
Zolpidem USP Related Compound A
Zolpidem USP Related Compound B
Zolpidem USP Related Compound C
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