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Impurities in pharmaceutical products are the unwanted chemicals that remain with the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), or develop during formulation, or upon aging of both API and to medicines. The presence of these impurities even in trace amounts may influence the efficacy and safety of the pharmaceutical products. Identification and quantification of impurities (Impurity Profile) is now becoming important critical product quality parameter and getting critical review from regulatory authorities. Because of this, limit and threshold values for impurities are specified by pharmacopoeias and ICH guidelines. Analysis of impurities according to this set of specifications is mandatory for the pharmaceutical product release for the human consumption. Impurity Profile study is also very important for market approval for finished dosage forms from regulatory authorities.

The identification and quantification of impurity in the pharmaceutical product is carried by using Certified Impurity Standards of known purity. It is recommended to use Impurity Standard having purity at least 90% when used for peak identification in the chromatogram or use in the system suitability test for resolution and minimum 95% when used to estimate the content of a specified impurity.

Oceanic Pharmachem offers a wide range of high purity Impurity Standards for the pharmaceutical industries on the milligram to kilogram scale at competitive price. Oceanic Pharmachem has a technical capability to Synthesize, isolate and purify the Impurity Standards to their purest form. Oceanic Pharmachem can offer the Impurity Standards from mg to gm scale.

Oceanic Pharmachem offers custom synthesis mg to gm level of impurity compounds on requests. In case of non-standard Impurity Standard additional study for Structure Elucidation, Characterization, Analytical Method Validation are also undertaken using state – of – the – art equipment like; LC-MS, HPLC, H and C NMR, FT-IR and elemental analysis (CHNS), etc.

All Oceanic Pharmachem products are supplied with certificates of analysis (CoA). Standard certificates contain: 
1. Identification by 1H-NMR and Mass spectroscopy.
2. Purity test by either HPLC or GC.
3. Other test like C NMR, TGA, C NMR, CHN, IR will be provide on request.

Shipping and Transportation:
Oceanic Pharmachem understands the needs of industry. Our standards are shipped with a Certificate of Analysis, MSDS and all the required documentation to ensure a smooth clearance. We transport the standards in a manner that protects the integrity and efficacy of the product.

Product List

Sr no API NamePharmacopial statusName of the Impurity
1 Abiraterone In-house DHPG Acetate
2 Abiraterone In-house DHPG Oxime Acetate
3 Abiraterone In-house Hydrazine Impurity
4 Acetamide In-house 2-Chloro-N-(2,6-dimethylphenyl)
5 Acetophenone In-house 4-Ethoxy Acetophenone
6 Acetyl Cysteine EP Impurity A
7 Acetyl Cysteine EP Impurity B
8 Acetyl Cysteine EP Impurity C
9 Acetyl Cysteine EP Impurity D
10 Aciclovir EP Impurity A
11 Aciclovir EP Impurity B
12 Aciclovir EP Impurity C
13 Aciclovir EP Impurity D
14 Aciclovir EP Impurity E
15 Aciclovir EP Impurity F
16 Aciclovir EP Impurity G
17 Aciclovir EP Impurity H
18 Albendazole EP Impurity-A
19 Albendazole EP Impurity-B
20 Albendazole EP Impurity-C
21 Albendazole EP Impurity-D
22 Albendazole EP Impurity-E
23 Albendazole EP Impurity-F
24 Albendazole EP Impurity-G(Chlorocarbendazole)
25 Allopurinol EP Impurity-A
26 Allopurinol EP Impurity-F
27 Ambroxol EP Impurity A
28 Ambroxol EP Impurity B
29 Ambroxol EP Impurity C
30 Ambroxol EP Impurity D
31 Ambroxol EP Impurity E
32 Amlodipine EP Impurity A
33 Amlodipine EP Impurity G
34 Amlodipine EP Impurity-E
35 Amlodipine USP Related Compound A
36 Aripiprazole In-house 1-but-3-enyl-4-(2,3-dichlorophenyl)Piperazine
37 Aripiprazole In-house 7-but-3-enyloxy-3,4-dihydro-1H-quinolin-2-one
38 Aripiprazole EP Impurity A
39 Aripiprazole EP Impurity B
40 Aripiprazole EP Impurity-G
41 Aspirin EP Impurity A
42 Aspirin EP Impurity B
43 Aspirin EP Impurity C
44 Aspirin EP Impurity D
45 Aspirin EP Impurity E
46 Aspirin EP Impurity F
47 Atenolol EP Impurity-A
48 Atenolol EP Impurity-B
49 Atenolol EP Impurity-F
50 Atenolol EP Impurity-E
51 Atenolol EP Impurity-G
52 Atenolol EP Impurity-H
53 Atenolol EP Impurity-I
54 Atenolol EP Impurity-J
55 Atorvastatin EP Impurity-B
56 Azithromycin In-house Impurity-1
57 Azithromycin USP Impurity-A
58 Azithromycin USP Impurity-E
59 Azithromycin USP/EP Impurity-H
60 Azithromycin USP Impurity-J
61 Azithromycin USP Impurity-M
62 Azithromycin USP Impurity-N
63 Bendamustine In-house BHT Impurity
64 Bendamustine In-house Impurity2(Ben-2A)
65 Bendamustine In-house Impurity3(HP-1 ester)
66 Bendamustine In-house Impurity4(HP-1)
67 Bendamustine In-house Impurity5(HP-2)
68 Bendamustine In-house Impurity6(DCE)
69 Bendamustine In-house PG1 Ester
70 Bendamustine In-house PG2 Ester
71 Bendamustine In-house Impurity 1(Methyl ester)
72 Benzothiadiazine USP Related Compound -A
73 Betahistine EP Impurity C
74 Bicalutamide USP Related Compound-B
75 Bimatoprost In-house 5,6 trans Impurity
76 Bimatoprost In-house Acid Impurity
77 Bimatoprost In-house Cyclohexyl amide Impurity
78 Bimatoprost EP Impurity -Q
79 Bimatoprost In-house Recamic
80 Bimatoprost In-house R-isomer
81 Bimatoprost In-house TPPO Impurity
82 Bimatoprost In-house 15-Keto Bimatoprost
83 Bimatoprost In-house N-Hydroxy Succinimide
84 Bisoprolol EP Impurity-A
85 Bisoprolol EP Impurity-B
86 Bisoprolol EP Impurity-C
87 Bisoprolol EP Impurity-G
88 Bisoprolol EP Impurity-L
89 Bisoprolol EP Impurity-N
90 Bisoprolol EP Impurity-O
91 Bisoprolol EP Impurity-S
92 Bosentan In-house Impurity-5
93 Brexpiprazole In-House Impurity-20
94 Bromazepam EP Impurity A
95 Bromazepam EP Impurity B
96 Bromazepam EP Impurity C
97 Bromazepam EP Impurity D
98 Bromazepam EP Impurity E
99 Bromfenac In-house Impurity-A
100 Bromfenac In-house Impurity-B
101 Bromfenac In-house Impurity-C
102 Bromfenac In-house Impurity-D
103 Bupivacaine EP Impurity A
104 Bupivacaine EP Impurity B
105 Bupivacaine EP Impurity F
106 Bupropion In-house Impurity
107 Bupropion USP Related Compound B
108 Caffeine EP Impurity B
109 Caffeine EP Impurity C
110 Caffeine EP Impurity E
111 Caffeine EP Impurity F
112 Caffeine EP Impurity-A
113 Canagliflozin In-house Enantiomer
114 Capecitabine USP Related Compound A
115 Capecitabine USP Related Compound C
116 Carbamazepine EP Impurity A
117 Carbamazepine EP Impurity B
118 Carbamazepine EP Impurity C
119 Carbamazepine EP Impurity D
120 Carbamazepine EP Impurity E
121 Carbamazepine EP Impurity F
122 Carbamazepine EP Impurity G
123 Carbidopa In-house Methyl Ester
124 Carbidopa In-house Ethyl Ester
125 Carfilzomib In-house N-Oxide
126 Carisoprodol In-house Impurity (5-Methyl-5-Propyl-1,3-dioxan-2-one.)
127 Carisoprodol In-house Impurity (N-isopropyl-2-methyl-2-propenyl-1,3-propane diol dicarbamate)
128 Carvedilol EP Impurity-E
129 Carvedilol EP Impurity-D
130 Cefuroxime In-house Axetil Delta-3-Isomer
131 Cefuroxime EP Sodium Impurity C
132 Cefuroxime EP Sodium Impurity H
133 Cephalexin In-house DL-Phenyl Glycine Impurity
134 Cetirizine EP/USP N-Oxide
135 Cetirizine In-house PEG Ester
136 Cetirizine In-house Sorbitol Ester
137 Cetirizine In-house Glycerol Ester
138 Cetirizine EP Impurity A
139 Cetirizine EP Impurity F
140 Cetirizine EP/USP Meta Isomer
141 Cetirizine EP/USP Methy Ester
142 Cetirizine In-house Propylene Glycol Ester
143 Chlorophenamine EP Impurity-A
144 Chlorophenamine EP Impurity-C
145 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity A
146 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity B
147 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity C
148 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity D
149 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity G
150 Chlorthalidone EP Impurity H
151 Ciprofloxacin In-house Chloro Compound
152 Ciprofloxacin EP Impurity -D
153 Ciprofloxacin EP Impurity-A
154 Ciprofloxacin EP Impurity-B
155 Ciprofloxacin In-house Impurity-C
156 Ciprofloxacin EP Impurity-E
157 Ciprofloxacin In-house Formamide
158 Citalopram In-house Carboxylic acid
159 Citalopram EP Impurity A
160 Citalopram EP Impurity B
161 Citalopram EP Impurity C
162 Citalopram EP Impurity D
163 Citalopram EP Impurity F
164 Citalopram EP Impurity G
165 Citalopram In-house R-Isomer
166 Citalopram In-house Des Cyano
167 Clarithromycin EP Impurity J
168 Clarithromycin EP Impurity L
169 Clarithromycin EP Impurity M
170 Clarithromycin EP Impurity C
171 Clarithromycin EP Impurity D
172 Clarithromycin EP Impurity E
173 Clarithromycin EP Impurity H
174 Clarithromycin EP Impurity I
175 Clarithromycin EP Impurity K
176 Clarithromycin EP Impurity N
177 Clopidogrel USP Related Compound B
178 Clotrimazole EP Impurity-A
179 Clozapine EP Impurity A
180 Clozapine EP Impurity B
181 Clozapine EP Impurity C
182 Clozapine EP Impurity D
183 Cyclophosphamide USP Related Compound-A
184 Cyproheptadine USP Related Compound-A
185 Dacarbazine USP Related Compound-A
186 - - -
187 Desloratadine In-house Desloratadine dihydro impurity
188 Desloratadine EP Impurity C
189 Desloratadine In-house Desloratadine des chloro Impurity
190 Desloratidine EP/USP N-Formyl
191 Dexmedetomidine In-house Ketone Impurity
192 Dexmedetomidine In-house Olefine Impurity
193 Diazepam EP Impurity-A
194 Diazepam EP Impurity-B
195 Diazepam EP Impurity-C
196 Diazepam EP Impurity-D
197 Diazepam EP Impurity-E
198 Diazepam EP Impurity-F
199 Diclofenac USP Related Compound A
200 Diclofenac In-house Potassium
201 Diclofenac In-house Sodium
202 Dicyclomine EP Impurity A
203 Dicyclomine EP Impurity B
204 Diltiazem EP Impurity F
205 Dimenhydrinate EP Compound E
206 Diosmetin In-house 7-O-beta-D-glucoside
207 Diosmin EP Impurity A
208 Diosmin EP Impurity B
209 Diosmin EP Impurity C
210 Diosmin EP Impurity D
211 Diosmin EP Impurity E
212 Diosmin EP Impurity F
213 Diphenylhydramine USP Compound A
214 Dipyrimadole EP Impurity C
215 Dipyrimadole EP Impurity D
216 Duloxetine In-house Duloxetine Racemic Impurity
217 Ebastine EP Impurity A
218 Ebastine EP Impurity B
219 Ebastine EP Impurity C
220 Ebastine EP Impurity D
221 Ebastine EP Impurity E
222 Ebastine EP Impurity F
223 Ebastine EP Impurity G
224 Emtricatabine EP Impurity J
225 Emtricitabine In-house Enantiomer
226 Emtricitabine EP/USP Carboxylic Acid
227 Emtricitabine EP/USP Diastereomer
228 Emtricitabine In-house S-Oxide
229 Enalapril EP Impurity A
230 Enrofloxacin EP Impurity E
231 Enzalutamide EP Impurity A
232 Enzalutamide EP Impurity B
233 Enzalutamide EP Impurity C
234 Erythromycin EP Impurity D
235 Erythromycin EP Impurity F
236 Erythromycin EP Impurity-E
237 Eslicarbazepine In-house Acetate Impurity
238 Esmolol In-house N-Ethyl Esmolol
239 Eszopiclone In-house 2-Amino-5-Chloro pyridine
240 Eszopiclone In-house 5-Hydroxy-7-oxo impurity
241 Eszopiclone In-house Desmethyl Impurity
242 Eszopiclone In-house Dibenzoyl-d-tartaric acid
243 Eszopiclone In-house N-oxide Impurity
244 Eszopiclone In-house R-isomer
245 Etodolac EP Impurity-A
246 Etodolac EP Impurity-B
247 Etodolac EP Impurity-C
248 Etodolac EP Impurity-D
249 Etodolac EP Impurity-E
250 Etodolac EP Impurity-F
251 Etodolac EP Impurity-G
252 Etodolac EP Impurity-J
253 Etodolac EP Impurity-K
254 Etodolac EP Impurity-L
255 Etomidate In-house Racemate
256 Etomidate In-house Etomidate Acid
257 Etomidate EP Impurity-B
258 Etomidate In-house Propylene Glycol Ester
259 Ezetimib EP Ketone Impurity
260 Ezetimib EP RRS Diastereomer
261 Ezetimib EP SSS Diastereomer
262 Ezetimib EP Deschloro impurity
263 Ezetimibe EP M-Chloro Aniline Impurity
264 Famotidine USP Compound A
265 Famotidine USP Compound B
266 Famotidine USP Compound C
267 Famotidine USP Compound D
268 Famotidine USP Compound E
269 Famotidine USP Compound F
270 Fenofibrate EP Impurity C
271 Fenofibrate EP Impurity D
272 Fenofibrate EP Impurity E
273 Fenofibrate EP Impurity F
274 Fenofibrate USP/EP Impurity G
275 Fenofibrate USP/EP Impurity -A
276 Fenofibrate USP/EP Impurity-B
277 Fexofenadine USP Related Compound A
278 Fexofenadine EP Impurity-C
279 Fluconazole EP Impurity-A
280 Fluconazole EP Impurity-B
281 Fluconazole EP Impurity-C
282 Fluconazole EP Impurity-D
283 Flumazenil EP Impurity B
284 Fluoxetine EP Impurity A
285 Fluoxetine EP Impurity B
286 Fluoxetine EP Impurity C
287 Fluoxetine In-house 4-Tri fluoromethyl Phenol Impurity
288 Fluphenazine EP Di HCl Impurity-B
289 Fluphenazine EP Di HCl Impurity-C
290 Fluphenazine EP Di HCl Impurity-D
291 Fluphenazine EP Impurity-A
292 Fluvoxamine EP Impurity D
293 Folic acid USP Related Compound-A
294 Folic acid EP Impurity B
295 Furosemide EP Impurity-A
296 Furosemide EP Impurity-B
297 Furosemide EP Impurity-C
298 Furosemide EP Impurity-D
299 Furosemide EP Impurity-E
300 Glibenclamide EP Impurity A
301 Glibenclamide EP Impurity B
302 Glimipride EP/USP Impurity B
303 Glimipride EP/USP Impurity C
304 Glyburide USP Related Compound-A
305 Guaifenesin EP/USP Impurity A
306 Guaifenesin EP/USP Impurity B (beta isomer)
307 Guaifenesin EP/USP Impurity C
308 Guaifenesin EP/USP Impurity D
309 Hydrochlorothiazide EP Impurity-C (Dimer)
310 Hydroxychloroquine EP Impurity-A
311 Hydroxychloroquine EP Impurity-B
312 Hydroxychloroquine EP Impurity-D
313 Hydroxychloroquine EP Impurity-F
314 Hydroxychloroquine EP Impurity-G
315 Hydroxychloroquine EP O-Sulfate
316 Hydroxylamine In-house Hydroxylamine Impurity
317 Hydroxyzine In-house Ethanol Impurity
318 Hydroxyzine EP Impurity B
319 Hydroxyzine In-house Desthoxy Hydroxyzine
320 Hydroxyzine In-house N-Oxide Imp
321 Hydroxyzine In-house O-acetyl Imp
322 Ibuprofen In-House 2-(4-IsoPropylphenyl)propanoic acid
323 Ibuprofen In-House 2-(4-Propylphenyl)propanoic acid
324 Ibuprofen In-House 4-(1-Carboxyethyl)benzoic acid
325 Ibuprofen In-House Impurity(1-(4-Isobutylphenyl)ethanol)
326 Ibuprofen In-House Impurity(4-Isobutyl Phenol)
327 Ibuprofen In-House Impurity(4-Isobutyryl acetophenone)
328 Ibuprofen In-House Impurity(Hydratropic acid)
329 Ibuprofen EP Impurity O
330 Ibuprofen EP Impurity-A
331 Ibuprofen EP Impurity-H
332 Ibuprofen EP Impurity-I
333 Ibuprofen EP Impurity-P
334 Ibuprofen EP Impurity-Q
335 Ibuprofen EP Impurity-R
336 Ibuprofen In-House Lysine Salt
337 Ibuprofen In-House Sorbitol impurity
338 Ibuprofen EP Imourity- L
339 Ibuprofen EP Impurity C
340 Ibuprofen EP Impurity B
341 Ibuprofen EP Impurity D
342 Ibuprofen EP Impurity E
343 Ibuprofen EP Impurity F
344 Ibuprofen EP Impurity J
345 Ibuprofen EP Impurity K
346 Ibuprofen EP Impurity M
347 Ibuprofen EP Impurity N
348 Indomethacin USP Related Compound A
349 Indomethacin USP Related Compound B
350 Irbesartan In-house 2-Propyl Anlog Impurity
351 Irbesartan USP Related Compound A
352 Irbesartan In-house Dimethyl Impurity
353 Isopropyl In-house Isopropyl Bromide Impurity
354 Isoproternol EP Impurity A
355 Ketoprofen EP Impurity A
356 Ketoprofen EP Impurity D
357 Ketoprofen EP Impurity C
358 Ketorolac EP Impurity-C
359 Ketorolac EP Impurity-D
360 Ketorolac USP Related Compound A
361 Ketorolac USP Related Compound B
362 Ketorolac USP Related Compound C
363 Ketorolac USP Related Compound D
364 Latanoprost USP 15 Epi Diastereomer
365 Latanoprost USP 15 Keto Impurity
366 Latanoprost USP 5,6-Trans Isomer
367 Latanoprost USP Acid impurity
368 Latanoprost In-house Enantiomer
369 Latanoprost In-house CDPO- Isopropyl Ester Imp
370 Leflunomide EP Impurity A
371 Leflunomide EP Impurity B
372 Leflunomide EP Impurity C
373 Leflunomide EP Impurity D
374 Leflunomide EP Impurity E
375 Leflunomide EP Impurity F
376 Leflunomide EP Impurity G
377 Levetiracetam EP Impurity B
378 Levocetipiperazine EP Impurity-A
379 Levocetirizine EP Impurity-B
380 Levocetirizine EP Impurity-C
381 Levocetirizine EP Impurity-D
382 Levocetirizine In-house Lactose Ester
383 Levocetirizine In-house Methyl ester
384 Levocetirizine In-house PEG Ester
385 Levodopa EP Impurity-A
386 Levodopa EP Impurity-D
387 Levofloxacin In-house Enantiomer
388 Lisinopril EP Impurity G
389 Loperamide EP Impurity A
390 Loperamide EP Impurity B
391 Loperamide EP Impurity C
392 Loperamide EP Impurity D
393 Loperamide EP Impurity G
394 Loperamide EP Impurity H
395 Loratadine EP Impurity A
396 Loratadine EP Impurity B
397 Loratadine EP Impurity C
398 Loratadine EP Impurity D
399 Loratadine EP Impurity F
400 Loratadine EP Impurity G
401 Loratadine EP Impurity H
402 Loratadine In-house Isomer-A
403 Loratadine In-house N-Oxide impurity
404 Loratadine USP Related Compound D
405 Loratadine In-house Dihydro Loratadine
406 Loratadine In-house N-Acetyl Impurity
407 Lorazepam EP Impurity A
408 Lorazepam EP Impurity B
409 Lorazepam EP Impurity C
410 Lorazepam EP Impurity E
411 Lormetazepam EP Impurity A
412 Lormetazepam EP Impurity B
413 Lormetazepam EP Impurity C
414 Losartan In-house 1H-Dimer Impurity
415 Losartan In-house 2H-Dimer Impurity
416 Meclizine In-house 1,4-bis(3-methylbenzyl)piperazine impurity
417 Meclizine USP Related Compound B
418 Meclizine In-house O-Chloro Isomer
419 Medetomidine In-house Ethyl
420 Medetomidine In-house Hydroxy
421 Medetomidine In-house N-Benzyl
422 Medetomidine In-house N-Benzyl Hydroxy
423 Medetomidine In-house N-Benzyl Venyl Analog
424 Melphalan In-house Enantiomer
425 Melphalan EP Impurity-C
426 Melphalan EP Impurity-D
427 Melphalan EP Impurity-H
428 Memantine USP Related Compound A
429 Memantine USP Related Compound B
430 Memantine USP Related Compound C
431 Memantine USP Related Compound D
432 Memantine USP Related Compound E
433 Memantine In-house Desmethylmemantine
434 Meprobamate In-house 2-Allyl-2-Methyl-1,3-propanediol
435 Mesalazine EP Impurity A
436 Mesalazine EP Impurity B
437 Mesalazine EP Impurity C
438 Mesalazine EP Impurity D
439 Mesalazine EP Impurity E
440 Mesalazine EP Impurity F
441 Mesalazine EP Impurity G
442 Mesalazine EP Impurity H
443 Mesalazine EP Impurity L
444 Mesalazine EP Impurity M
445 Mesalazine EP Impurity N
446 Metaclopromide In-house ACME Impurity
447 Metaxalone USP Related Compound A
448 Metaxalone EP/USP N-Benzyl impurity
449 Metformin EP Impurity-A
450 Metformin EP Impurity-C
451 Metformin EP Impurity-D
452 Metformin EP Impurity-F
453 Metformin In-house P-methoxy Acetophenone
454 Metformin USP Related Compound B
455 Metolazone EP Impurity-A
456 Metolazone EP Impurity-B
457 Metolazone EP Impurity-C
458 Metolazone EP Impurity-D
459 Metolazone EP Impurity-E
460 Metoprolol USP Related Compound B
461 Metoprolol EP Impurity B
462 Metoprolol EP Impurity D
463 Metoprolol EP Impurity E
464 Metoprolol EP Impurity F
465 Metoprolol EP Impurity G
466 Metoprolol EP Impurity H
467 Metoprolol EP Impurity J
468 Metoprolol EP Impurity O
469 Metoprolol EP Impurity A
470 Metronidazole EP Impurity A
471 Misoprostol In-house Impurity A form
472 Misoprostol In-house Impurity B form
473 Misoprostol In-house Acid impurity
474 Montelukast EP/USP Acid impurity
475 Montelukast In-house Dicyclohexylamine
476 Montelukast EP Impurity F
477 Montelukast EP Impurity -G
478 Montelukast EP Impurity-B
479 Montelukast EP Impurity-C
480 Montelukast EP Impurity-E
481 Montelukast In-house Ketone Impurity
482 Montelukast In-house Methyl Ether Impurity
483 Montelukast EP/USP S-Isomer
484 Montelukast EP/USP Sulfone Impurity
485 Montelukast EP/USP Enantiomer
486 Mycophenolate In-house Impurity 1
487 Mycophenolate EP Impurity-D
488 Mycophenolate EP Impurity-E
489 Mycophenolate EP Impurity-F
490 Mycophenolic acid In-house Dihydroxy Analogue
491 Mycophenolic acid In-house Dimethoxy Analogue
492 Naphazoline USP/EP Related Compound-A
493 Naphazoline EP Impurity B
494 Naproxen In-house Impurity(6-Methoxy-2-(2-Br)-propionyl-Naphthane)
495 Naproxen EP Impurity-A
496 Naproxen EP Impurity-E
497 Naproxen EP Impurity-F
498 Naproxen EP Impurity-I
499 Naproxen EP Impurity-J
500 Naproxen EP Impurity-K
501 Naproxen EP Impurity-M
502 Naproxen EP Impurity-N
503 Naproxen EP Impurity-O
504 Naproxen In-house PEG Ester Impurity
505 Naproxen In-house Sorbitan Impurity
506 Naproxen In-house Sorbitol Impurity
507 Neostigamine EP Impurity-A
508 Neostigamine EP Impurity-B
509 Neostigamine EP Impurity-C
510 Nintedanib In-house Desmethyl piperazine Impurity
511 Nintedanib In-house N-methyl aniline Impurity
512 Nintedanib In-house Methyl 1-acetyl-2-oxoindoline-4-carboxylate Imp-1
513 Nintedanib In-house Methyl-1-acetyl-2-oxoindoline-5-carboxylate Imp-2
514 Olanzapine EP Impurity A
515 Olanzapine EP Impurity B
516 Olanzapine EP Impurity C
517 Olanzapine EP Impurity D
518 Olmesartan EP/USP Acid Impurity
519 Omeprazole EP Impurity A
520 Omeprazole EP Impurity B
521 Omeprazole EP Impurity C
522 Omeprazole EP Impurity D
523 Omeprazole EP Impurity E
524 Omeprazole EP Impurity F&G mixture
525 Omeprazole EP Impurity H
526 Omeprazole EP Impurity I
527 Ondansetron USP Related Compound-A
528 Ondansetron USP Related Compound-C
529 Ondansetron USP Related Compound-D
530 Orlistat USP Related Compound B
531 Oxazepam EP Impurity-A
532 Oxazepam EP Impurity-B
533 Oxazepam EP Impurity-C
534 Oxcarbazepine In-house Impurity (10-Hydroxy-10,11-Dihydro Dibenz [b,f]azepine-5-Carboxamide)
535 Oxcarbazepine In-house N-Carbamoyl
536 Oxymetazoline In-house 4-terbutyl-2,6 dimethyl hydroxy benzyl chloride impurity
537 Oxymetazoline EP Impurity A
538 Oxymetazoline EP Impurity B
539 Oxymetazoline EP Impurity C
540 Oxymetazoline EP Impurity D
541 Oxymetazoline EP Impurity E
542 Oxymetazoline In-house TBXL Impurity
543 Paracetamol EP Impurity J
544 Paracetamol EP Impurity K
545 Paracetamol EP Impurity A
546 Paracetamol EP Impurity B
547 Paracetamol EP Impurity C
548 Paracetamol EP Impurity D
549 Paracetamol EP Impurity E
550 Paracetamol EP Impurity F
551 Paracetamol EP Impurity G
552 Paracetamol EP Impurity H
553 Paracetamol EP Impurity I
554 Pemetrexed Acid In-house Methyl Ester impurity
555 Phenothiazine In-house Sulfoxide impurity
556 Phenothiazine In-house Sulfoxide impurity
557 Phenothiazine In-house Dioxide impurity
558 Phenylephirine EP Impurity C&E mixture
559 Phenylephirine EP Impurity-C
560 Phenylephirine EP Impurity-E
561 Pindolol EP Impurity D
562 Pindolol EP Impurity F
563 Pomalidomide In-house Impurity-1(4-aminoisobenzofuran-1,3-dione )
564 Pomalidomide In-house Impurity-2(5-amino-2-(4-amino-1,3-dioxo-isoindolin-2-yl)-5-oxo-pentanoic acid )
565 Pomalidomide In-house Impurity-3(4-amino-2-(2,6-dioxo-3-piperidyl)-5-hydroxy-isoindoline-1,3-dione)
566 Pomalidomide In-house Impurity-4(5-amino-4-(4-amino-1,3-dioxo-isoindolin-2-yl)-5-oxo-pentanoic acid )
567 Pomalidomide In-house Impurity-5(2-amino-6-[(2,6-dioxo-3-piperidyl) carbamoyl]benzoic acid)
568 Pravastatin In-house Ethyl Ester Impurity
569 Pravastatin EP/USP Impurity-F
570 Pravastatin In-house Methyl Ester Impurity
571 Prazepam EP Impurity A
572 Prazepam EP Impurity B
573 Prazepam EP Impurity C
574 Prazosin EP Impurity-B
575 Prazosin EP Impurity-C
576 Prazosin EP Impurity-D
577 Pregabalin EP/USP Enantiomer impurity
578 Pregabalin EP/USP Lactum Impurity
579 Propafenone In-house Flavan impurity
580 Propafenone In-house Flavanone Impurity
581 Propafenone In-house Flavone Impurity
582 Propafenone EP Impurity A
583 Propafenone EP Impurity B
584 Propafenone EP Impurity C
585 Propafenone EP Impurity D
586 Propafenone EP Impurity E
587 Propafenone EP Impurity F
588 Propafenone EP Impurity G
589 Propafenone EP Impurity H
590 Propafenone In-house Phenol Impurity
591 Propafenone In-house Despropyl propafenone
592 Propofol EP Impurity A
593 Propofol EP Impurity B
594 Propofol EP Impurity C
595 Propofol EP Impurity D
596 Propofol EP Impurity E
597 Propofol EP Impurity F
598 Propofol EP Impurity G
599 Propofol EP Impurity H
600 Propofol EP Impurity I
601 Propofol EP Impurity J
602 Propofol EP Impurity K
603 Propofol EP Impurity L
604 Propofol EP Impurity M
605 Propofol EP Impurity N
606 Propofol EP Impurity O
607 Propofol EP Impurity P
608 Rabeprazole EP Impurity A
609 Rabeprazole EP Impurity B
610 Rabeprazole EP Impurity C
611 Rabeprazole EP Impurity E
612 Rabeprazole EP Impurity G
613 Rabeprazole In-house Sulfide impurity
614 Rabeprazole In-house 4-Methoxy Rabeprazole
615 Raloxifene BP/EP Impurity C
616 Ramipril BP/EP Impurity E
617 Ramipril BP/EP Impurity N
618 Ranitidine EP/USP Impurity C
619 Ranitidine EP Impurity E
620 Ranitidine EP Impurity G
621 Ranitidine EP Impurity H
622 Ranitidine EP Impurity-I
623 Rivastigmine USP Related Compound A
624 Rivastigmine USP Related Compound B
625 Ropivacaine USP Related Compound A
626 Ropivacaine EP Impurity B
627 Rosuvastatin EP Impurity B
628 Rosuvastatin EP Impurity G
629 Rosuvastatin In-house Meglumine Impurity
630 Salbutamol EP Impurity D
631 Salbutamol EP Impurity J
632 Salbutamol EP Impurity M
633 Salmeterol EP Impurity A
634 Salmeterol EP Impurity B
635 Salmeterol EP Impurity C
636 Salmeterol EP Impurity D
637 Salmeterol EP Impurity G
638 Sertraline EP Impurity-C
639 Simvastatin EP Impurity C
640 Simvastatin EP Impurity-A( Hydroxy Acid)
641 Simvastatin EP Impurity-D
642 Simvastatin EP Impurity-E(Lovastatin)
643 Sitagliptin In-house 2-Ene Impurity
644 Sitagliptin In-house 3-Ene Impurity
645 Sitagliptin In-house Triazecine Analogue
646 Sucrose In-house Heptasulfate Potassium Salt
647 Sucrose In-house Octasulfate Potassium Salt
648 Sulpiride EP Impurity B
649 Sumatriptan EP Impurity F
650 Sumatriptan EP Impurity H
651 Tavaborole In-house Impurity-13
652 Tavaborole In-house Impurity-14
653 Telmisartan In-house Chloro Analog
654 Telmisartan In-house Dimer Acid Impurity
655 Telmisartan EP Impurity A
656 Telmisartan EP Impurity C
657 Telmisartan In-house TMS 1 Impurity
658 Temozolomide EP/USP Acid Impurity
659 Temozolomide USP Related Compound A
660 Temozolomide EP/USP 2-aza hypoxanthine impurity
661 Temozolomide EP/USP CynoTemozolomide impurity
662 Tenofovir In-house Disoproxil Ethylester
663 Tenofovir USP Disoproxil Carbamate
664 Tenofovir In-house Disoproxil Dimer
665 Tenofovir EP Impurity K
666 Tenofovir In-house N-Propyl Impurity
667 Tenofovir In-house S-Isomer
668 Tenoxicam EP Impurity A
669 Tenoxicam EP Impurity C
670 Tenoxicam EP Impurity D
671 Tenoxicam EP Impurity E
672 Terbutaline EP Impurity A
673 Terbutaline EP Impurity B
674 Terbutaline EP Impurity D
675 Tetrabenazine In-house Related Compound 1
676 Tetrabenazine In-house Related Compound 2
677 Tetrabenazine In-house Related Compound 3
678 Tetrabenazine In-house Related Compound 4
679 Tiaprofenic Acid EP Impurity A
680 Tiaprofenic Acid EP Impurity B
681 Tiaprofenic Acid EP Impurity E
682 Tiaprofenic Acid EP Impurity F
683 Timolol EP Impurity-K
684 Tinidazole EP Impurity A
685 Tinidazole EP Impurity B
686 Tramadol EP Impurity A
687 Tramadol EP Impurity E
688 Tranexamic EP Impurity D
689 Travoprost USP 15 Epi Diastereomer
690 Travoprost USP 15 Keto Derivative
691 Travoprost USP 5,6-Trans Isomer
692 Travoprost USP Related compound A
693 Trazadone In-house Hydroxy Propyl Chlorophenyl Piperazine
694 Trazadone In-house Chlorophenyl Piperazine
695 Trazadone EP Impurity A
696 Trazadone EP Impurity B Trazadone EP Impurity C
697 Trazadone EP Impurity D
698 Trazadone EP Impurity E
699 Trazadone EP Impurity F
700 Trazadone EP Impurity G
701 Trazadone EP Impurity H
702 Trazadone In-house Triozolo Impurity
703 Trazadone In-house 3-Chloro Analine impurity
704 Ursodeoxycholic acid EP Impurity-I
705 Ursodiol EP Impurity-E
706 Valacyclovir EP Impurity D
707 Valacyclovir EP Impurity H
708 Valacyclovir EP Impurity C
709 Valacyclovir EP Impurity J
710 Valeric acid In-house 2-Methyl
711 Valproic acid USP Related Compound-A
712 Valproic acid EP Impurity A
713 Valproic acid EP Impurity B
714 Valproic acid EP Impurity C
715 Valproic acid EP Impurity D
716 Valproic acid EP Impurity E
717 Valproic acid EP Impurity F
718 Valproic acid EP Impurity G
719 Valproic acid EP Impurity H
720 Valproic acid EP Impurity I
721 Valproic acid EP Impurity J
722 Valproic acid EP Impurity K
723 Valproic acid In-house 2-Butyl Valericacid Impurity
724 Valproic acid In-house Nonanoicacid Impurity
725 Valproicacid sodium In-house 4-Ene Valproicacid sodium salt Impurity
726 Valpronamide In-house N,N-Dimethyl
727 Valsartan EP/USP Ethyl Ester
728 Valsartan USP Related Compound B
729 Valsartan USP Related Compound C
730 Valsartan In-house Devaleryl Valsartan
731 Valsartan EP/USP Enantiomer
732 Valsartan USP Impurity A
733 Valsartan In-house VAS-VII imp
734 Venlafaxine EP Impurity-H
735 Venlafaxine EP Impurity D
736 Venlafaxine EP Impurity E
737 Venlafaxine EP Impurity -G
738 Venlafaxine EP Impurity-F
739 Venlafaxine In-house Desmethyl Venlafaxine
740 Venlafaxine In-house Hydroxy Nitrile Impurity
741 Venlafaxine EP Impurity-A
742 Venlafaxine EP Impurity-C
743 Venlafaxine In-house N,O-Didesmethyl
744 Warfarin EP Impurity B
745 Warfarin EP Impurity C
746 Zafirlukast In-house Impurity-A
747 Zafirlukast In-house Impurity-B
748 Zafirlukast In-house Impurity-C
749 Zafirlukast In-house Impurity-D
750 Zafirlukast In-house Impurity-E
751 Zolpidem In-house Acid Impurity
752 Zolpidem USP Related Compound A
753 Zolpidem USP Related Compound B
754 Zolpidem USP Related Compound C