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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that suggests that it is the responsibility of the corporations operating within society to contribute towards economic, social and environmental development that creates positive impact on society at large. Although there is no fixed definition, however the concept revolves around that fact the corporations needs to focus beyond earning just profits. The term became popular in the 1960s and now is formidable part of business operations.

Key CSR issues: environmental management, eco-efficiency, responsible sourcing, stakeholder engagement, labour standards and working conditions, employee and community relations, social equity, gender balance, human rights, good governance, and anti-corruption measures.

We believe the most effective social and charitable investments are made through strategic relationships with organizations dedicated to serving our communities, day in and day out. We align our charitable efforts with our core values and business strategies through these programs and initiatives. We have incorporated ‘Oceanic Foundation Charitable Trust’ to build a strong legacy of our company’s CSR.

Our CSR policy primarily focuses on the following:

Health Care

  • We always support healthcare projects and initiatives from time-to-time
  • We have facilitated insurance for our employees and families through various programs


  • We try to impart new skills and professional learning to our working staff
  • We sponsor underprivileged students and help them get access to quality education every year


  • We promote environmental protection through reduced energy consumption
  • We optimize our office paper consumption
  • We constantly work towards being a carbon neutral company

Women Empowerment & Childcare

  • Our HR programs have been created with the goals of “Equality in Diversity”
  • We take efforts to promote gender equality at every organizational level
  • We have inculcated strict anti-discrimination policies and have mandated several codes of conduct at the workplaces
  • We follow relaxed maternity norms and have plans to provide childcare facility to new mothers
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