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  • April-12-2019

Educational initiative in the form of Laptops provided to students.

Technology changing the face of education

Innovation in education technology can be seen as minimal in rural areas. Rural India has very inadequate exposure to technology in education. According to the 2014- 2015 statement from National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), only 8% of primary schools in rural areas have access to computers. Additionally, the accessible technology is not suited to the rural cultural context, language and lifestyle, making it difficult for children to connect with it in everyday life. Low to blank internet connectivity and lack of consistent electricity also contribute to these difficulties.

Global education consultancies have recommended technology-driven solution for the problems.

Oceanic Petrochem, provides laptop-based, technology-driven education in remote villages areas through its rural educational program.

The need of essential educational technology has never been felt as acute in the world.

Importance of information technology in education has never gained so much importance. Working under our strategic leadership vision, Oceanic serves to link the increasing technology and education divide between urban and rural areas of India. We promote for education and awareness-building from early childhood with the aim of attaining holistic development and is presently active in many centers over numerous states across the country, benefiting both children and grown-ups, including ethnic and indigenous groups.

Education technology in India has grown in leaps and bounds. Laptop learning relies on minimal infrastructure. The educational software is stored in the laptop, making it independent of internet connection. It works on the low processing power of laptops and without the help of powerful servers. Videos, e-books and presentations present an improved learning environment, making children understand concepts in an enjoyable way.

What is educational technology and the meaning of educational technology?

The laptops take technology upon their doorstep, guaranteeing that the programme covers the tribal belt that otherwise has no access to computers and sometimes despite electricity. With this, students who have never seen computers are becoming educated in computers, mainly using laptops as the medium of instruction and learning. The different modules in local language give them a distinct advantage in the job industry, as they become adept in using Word and the Internet. NIELIT’s online exams are conducted with tablets connected to a laptop without the Internet. The Health and Social Awareness Programme, developed by Oceanic group focuses on pressing issues regarding tribals, specifically Alcohol and substance abuse, awareness about Malnutrition, Health, and Sanitation, Clean Drinking Water, etc.

Importance of girls education

The training has been extended in areas such as hostels for tribal dropout girls. Those who fully complete the program are awarded Course Conclusion Certificates.

The participants have shown a marked increase in the level of social awareness and knowledge and mastery above the computer. The Computer Awareness modules were trained to tribals who had no prior exposure to computers. They now have a distinct edge in school and in the job market.

Importance of school education and the importance of education for children

Of all students in India enrolled in Std.5, about half cannot read an Std. 2 textbooks. About 40% of Std 3 students cannot identify numbers up to 100. Keeping this in mind, we have started with elementary-level assessments of all children who attend the education center, place them at the level they are and start tutoring them from that level. A laptop is an effective tool that bridges the gap in learning easily and painlessly. Children learn through games and repeated training.

Role of technology in education

Oceanic Group – Laptop Education - enhanced Education, the technology-driven educational program is based on laptops and hands-on methods that motivate children to learn at their own personal pace. Importance of technology in education is very much relevant in today's times.

Current government initiatives in education

Teachers are given regular month-long training sessions. They are also made conscious of government schemes so that they can avail to promote education in their local area. For instance, in Rajasthan, funds were made available to rebuild the local village school. In places like Gujarat, petitions have been submitted to upgrade the local school to high school level so that girls can obtain a higher education.

Advantages of technology in education.

Bringing Dropouts Back to School

Studies show that close to 70% of schoolchildren in India drop out before they begin grade 10. Back-to-school programs are specifically designed to help schools dropouts learn at a fast pace, and bridge the learning gap so that they can resume their studies where they left off.

The intervention involves:

1. Identifying school dropouts in the village

2. Providing expedited instruction in reading, writing, and math

3. Ensuring that students return to school

Use of technology in education

After the intervention of laptop education, the dropout rates have reduced,

Improving School Attendance

Attendance in classes in rural regions is a critical problem with daily attendance as low as 50% in some states. Children are not driven to attend schools due to a shortage of basic amenities like clean toilets and teacher absenteeism. The oceanic group helps children develop an interest in learning through laptop-based applications.

Students show improved attendance, extra motivation, and better comprehension even after a small time in the program. Our partners with the local schools where the children in our adopted village go, making sure that our children have increased attendance and become lifelong learners.

Children who miss school often can fall behind. When a student attends school on  daily basis, they take an important step towards reaching their full potential and are given the possibility to learn new things and develop their skills.

The more time a child spends with other children, whether in the classroom or as part of a school team, the stronger chance they have of making friends and feeling included, boosting social skills, confidence and self-esteem. Laptop education helps in making this happen.


We propose to provide Scholarships for education for impoverished children whose families cannot meet educational expenses.

All qualifying students are proposed to receive scholarships provided by the Oceanic Group. The scholarships help underprivileged children whose families find it tough to meet the expenses of continued education.

Disadvantages of technology in education.

The children develop an addiction to laptops. They lose interest in outdoor activities. They develop a low attention span.

Conclusion about technology in education

 As in different parts of life, in education, the answer you get is usually a function of the problem you ask. In the process of attempting to formulate their problems related to the acquisitions and implementations of huge numbers of new laptops or tablets (or whatever tomorrow's device of choice may be) to help support teaching and learning, surely more education policymakers and politicians will take the time and effort to try to learn from the experiences of their counterparts in other nations who have already been down similar paths.


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