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  • February-26-2019

Improving Corporate Social Responsibility

Oceanic Pharmachem Private Limited (OPPL) believes that improving the company’s corporate social responsibility practices help to strengthen sustainability and community support.

A company’s ability to practice social responsibility can be the difference in the choice of a potential client. Additionally, effective corporate social responsibility can improve operations, boost employee morale, and help to stay competitive with corporate peers.

Practicing Transparency

In today’s “Information Age” dissemination of company information and its practices is relatively easy. Today’s consumers are tuned in to whether or not a business is a responsible citizen. Instead of trying to obfuscate or divert attention, a company has to embrace their social responsibility. By being openly transparent and completely honest about organizational practices, a company can earn the trust of society. Transparency sends a message that a company’s social responsibilities are highly valued.

Making Sustainable Purchasing Decisions

Sustainability is the most common areas that consumers use to evaluate a company’s responsibility. Choosing responsible products can have an impact on its role as a steward of eco-friendliness. This activity may necessitate to actively communicate with consumers and business partners.

Playing a more Active Role in the Community

To make a global impact, a company needs to focus on the immediate surroundings and actively seek to be engaged in the local community. Participating in community events, capitalizing on “soft marketing” and public relations, assigning teams for community service and supporting all efforts are key to community acceptance.

Supporting the Local Community

Beyond participating in community events and other engagements, it is important to become a direct supporter of the local community’s business people and companies. Purchasing from local suppliers whenever possible, looking for opportunities to support local events and promoting local businesses are some engagement strategies.

Encouraging Innovation

Companies can actively create an environment that encourages employees to provide ideas for improving the CSR. By including their ideas and encouraging their active participation, social responsibility can be a guaranteed “daily driver” in the operations and not just a public relations selling point. In other words, CSR becomes part of a company’s performance culture.

Understanding CSR comes from the Top

A company that operates with genuine CSR intentions will not depend just on its employees to provide the motivating energy for responsible practices and activities. Employees will have limitations in suggesting grand engagement plans outside the confines of their job roles, without encouragement. Instead, a mandate has to come from the top leaders and they should lead the charge to make CSR a core component of every department.

By actively encouraging the development of socially responsible programs, and soliciting ideas & participation from employees, a company can ensure that it has a positive impact on the world. Improving corporate social responsibility is a sure-shot way to improve the company’s performance.

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