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  • September-21-2017

Social Responsibilities of Organizations towards Customers

Oceanic Pharmachem Private Limited (OPPL) believes that the most important corporate social responsibility of any business starts with its own customer, which can have the biggest impact on its reputation.

Many organizations do not bother to connect with their customers after a sale. A strong relationship has to be built with customers, so that they not only remain loyal clients but also refer more business. After all, individual customers make up a society and a company’s collective image in that society will be incidental to its success.

Some hallmark responsibilities towards customers, which present a company as a socially responsible entity, are:

Treating customers as kings

Customers have to be held in high regard in all situations and not when there is a pressure to meet financial targets. The only reasons for a customer to buy a certain product or service, is the trust in the brand and belief in the company. When the needs and requirements of clients are properly met, only then a brand loyalty and positive experience are established. Successful businesses have to make efforts to know client preferences and the desired product features and benefits.

Never lying to customers

In today’s world, every client does thorough research before purchasing any product or service. Unnecessarily, making false claims or promising unrealistic deliverables, will cause a company to lose respect. If something can’t be delivered, it has to be mentioned clearly. The client might not invest in a particular product at that point in time but would definitely come back in near future just because of honesty and correct guidance. Also, it is pointless to badmouth the competition. Thinking purely of selfish incentives, may definitely help in the short-term but not in the long run. The moment, the customer understands of being cheated on, the business relationship would end and the customer would neither come back again nor recommend the company to acquaintances.

Respecting customer’s time

The time and venue of any business meeting must be decided according to the customer’s availability and comfort. It is imperative to make sure all meetings, presentations or demonstrations are held on time, neither too early nor too late. It is against business dictum to keep customers waiting. An irritated customer will have several options to choose from the market and may mean a permanent loss.

Understanding customer needs

It is essential to be in touch with customers after the deal as well. In case of product failure, customer calls should never be ignored. For all unsatisfied customers, it is an important responsibility to replace bad products or provide a solution. Feedbacks are helpful to understand the satisfaction level of key customers, which can be used to make better products in due course of time. After-sales service is essential and ensures long term growth and profits for the organization.

It is the responsibility of an organization to give correct suggestions and feedbacks to customers, avoiding fake promises and commitments which would be difficult to fulfil.

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