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  • April-12-2019

Women Empowerment as a foundation for Nation Building

Women Empowerment

The growth of women in society has the central role for progress, stability and long term progress of nations.

The female median share of the global workforce is 45.4 percent. 43 percent of the world’s farming workforce around the world is women. Agriculture is widely believed as an engine for growth and poverty reduction, women play an important role. Rural women form the backbone of farming. In Africa across 80 percent of the agricultural production comes from small farmers, who are rural women.

The need for women empowerment and the importance of women empowerment has never been as acute as it is today.

Rural women empowerment

Rural women empowerment play a key role in maintaining their households and communities in managing food and nutrition security, producing income and improving rural livelihoods and overall well-being.

Despite significant barriers in women’s empowerment, a small business in rural developing communities not only can it be an extended family’s lifeline, but can also form a networked commercial foundation for future generations. In recent decades the role of women has expanded exponentially in both rural and metropolitan areas.

Education and women empowerment

Women empowerment in education is clearly highlighted. Education and women empowerment are very much interlinked.

Position of women in society’s development from pre-literate to literate is unquestionable. Important research has shown that education leads to women empowerment and improves rural productivity, improves the status of girls and women, decreases population growth rates, improves environmental protection and widely raises the standard of living.

Role of women in India’s freedom struggle

Mahatma Gandhi was a champion of women empowerment. Gandhi and women’s empowerment are correlated. Mahatma Gandhi strongly believed in women’s empowerment. The  role of women in India’s freedom struggle is unparalleled.

Mother is the person who compels children to attend and stay in school. The role of the mother is indispensable to any other person.

There are a lot of challenges of women empowerment and the necessary steps for women empowerment have to be taken.

What do you mean by Women Empowerment?

Many still believe women empowerment is a myth. But the current trends show debate on women empowerment is a reality.

"Many questions were addressed".

Why women education is important?

What do you mean by women empowerment?

Why women empowerment is important?


The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change,” was adopted to distinguish innovative ways to advance gender equality and the women empowerment, expediting the 2030 Agenda, building momentum for the efficient implementation of the new U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Of course, women’s opportunities still lag behind those of men worldwide. But, the historic and current role of women is indisputable.

Many debates on women empowerment happen and many articles on women empowerment are written on daily basis.

When women are empowered and can maintain their rights and access to land, leadership, possibilities, and choices, economies grow, food security is improved and possibilities are improved for current and future generations.

Facts about women empowerment show interesting trends. We believe to strengthen women’s and children’s capability and strengthens their sustained well-being and development. We help ensure academic accessibility, foster familial involvement, offer psychosocial care, provide nutrition and health education, fund girls’ scholarships, build schools with girls’ bathrooms, instructor literacy, and numeracy, and so much more.

Gender equality and women\'s empowerment

Gender equality and women\'s empowerment are interlinked. Gender equality is a national right. Accomplishing this right is the best chance to meet some of the most pressing challenges of our times - from economic crises and lack of health care to climate change, violence against women and escalating disputes.

Not only are women more concerned by these problems, but also possess ideas and leadership to resolve them, though gender discrimination still keeps them back and hence also holds our world back.

The 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and its 17 Sustainable development goals, embodies a roadmap for development that is sustainable and drops no one behind.

The political and economic empowerment of  women

Only by guaranteeing the rights of women and girls across all the goals will we get to justice and inclusion, marketplaces that work for all, and nurturing our shared environment now and for future ages. Acknowledging the pivotal role women play in the development and progress of society, There are various government schemes for women empowerment, the government has identified women’s empowerment as one of its six focus areas.

The political empowerment of women along with women’s economic empowerment is a must to ensure the holistic empowerment of women,. A study of the status of women in India reflects a frustrating summary in almost all important human development indicators. The inadequate no. of schools, health centers, drinking water, cleanliness and hygiene facilities hinders a large segment of women, hindering their social and economic development. The Women’s program aims to enable women to manage their financial, physical and rational needs. As a consequence, it aims to raise their self-confidence and spur a sense of security. There are actions concentrated on health, education, nutrition, and financial management for women living in rural areas. The exercises also encourage recipients to access government services designed for women and children. Enabling women and encouraging their entrepreneurial character is another vital aspect of any CSR strategy. There are a lot of women empowerment NGO’s working in this space. Education is a key to women empowerment persuasive speech. The government actively seeks opportunities to enable women in rural areas to have an opinion in issues that concern them.

Self-help groups and women empowerment

Women’s empowerment programs in India have seen an upside in the recent years. The objectives of women empowerment in India are clearly defined.

Rural India offers inadequate employment openings and extremely low earnings, particularly for rural women (who are typically uneducated). Understanding the yet untapped potential of these women, rural women are urged to earn alternate and additional income through self-help groups (SHGs). Self-help groups and women empowerment are synonymous. Many SHGs groups are organized for the welfare of the womenfolk. The essential skills training, which helps them not only establish SHGs but manage and build on them to increase their earning potential are presented. Energetic women are provided with links to microfinance organizations, thus giving women entrepreneurs crucial financial support that might not be otherwise accessible to them.

Reproductive health project

In India, a woman dies from pregnancy or childbirth complexities every seven minutes. The maternal mortality rate of 301 deaths for every 10,000 live births is a very vital number.

Additionally, women residing in rural areas suffer from various reproductive health problems due to various socio-cultural and physiological reasons, Unbalanced access to resources, illiteracy, lack of awareness and low decision-making authority are just some of the contributing factors.

The project seeks to better this worrisome situation by reaching out to women in the reproductive age group. The plan creates awareness and provides women with all the needed support during and after pregnancy, enabling them to check pregnancy-related complexities.

The plan comprises reproductive health camps, immunization camps, doctors’ education, referral transportation to tertiary charge units, obstetric supervision, and preparation for auxiliary nurses and midwives.

Livestock management to Increase Incomes

More than 70 percent of rural homes depend on livestock farming for additional income is undertaken by 90 percent of the women.

We believe in building awareness about livestock well-being through livestock camps and vaccination schedules to help improve the productivity of this activity. The actions aim to enhance the quality and produce yield such as milk and meat, making them more commercial. Women are supported to form dairy cooperatives and poultry farms to raise their earning potential.

Disadvantages of women empowerment

There are certain disadvantages of women empowerment too The laws get used for revenge against men, false cases etc get registered against men. But these are aberrations should be addressed appropriately.

There are a lot of well-written women empowerment blogs, many women empowerment videos, along with women empowerment photos, women empowerment images and women empowerment pics. available on the web.

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